Real-Time Updates

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Generate more ideas, write specs faster, make better software, and co-design in real-time. You can keep your team constantly up-to-date and working towards a common goal.

Real-Time Updates

Stay Connected to Your Team's Progress

Stay connected and consistent on all your projects so that you never lose track of your work or fall behind. Updates get synced in real-time, so you always have the latest information.

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Do everything in real-time from commenting, sharing, discussing, to sharing feedback. With real-time collaborations, expedite your wireframe prototype developmental process.

comments that navigate

Comments that Navigate

Leverage Comments that Navigate functionality from Real-time Updates to incorporate changes or feedback from various team members for fast deliverables.

sync-in workflow

Sync-in Workflow

Connect and collaborate instantly with Sync-in Workflow to comment or apply changes. Stay in connection continuously and get updates about different development stages.



Lower the risk of miscommunication between UI designers and developers to expedite prototype development. Directly engage designers and developers on one platform.

What is a Real-Time Update?

A real-time update is a feature that allows users to see the result according to the changes they made. Allows for collaboration between multiple people as they can see the changes as they are made and make changes themselves. It keeps track of who is making changes, what changes they made, and when. Updates get synced in real-time, so you always have the latest information.

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