Usability Testing

improve end user experience with prototype testing

Usability testing is the practise of evaluating your product with real people. Learn all you need to know about conducting usability testing and obtaining actionable feedback from users.

Usability Testing

Get Your Website User Tested by Real People

Helps understanding the user interaction.

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quick design iteration

Quick Design Iteration

Get users’ data and feedback instantly to validate your design decisions and expedite your design iteration.

user-focused product decisions

User-Focused Product Decisions

Utilize multiple methods to make and imply user-centric product choices throughout the development process. Make better product choices and lower risk.

ux measurement

UX Measurement

To enhance and boost the performance of UX, recognize and measure the experiences of users. With the UX Measurement feature, develop a highly effective user interface.

event & goal tracking

Event & Goal Tracking

Harness the power of Event & Goal tracking on your specific prototype elements to iterate scalable decisions. Make the best choice of collected information to analyze and strategize future developments.

What is Usability Testing?

Usability testing is a research technique that evaluates user satisfaction with a product by analyzing the users’ behavior. There are 6 steps in usability testing: 1. Find out who are your target users? 2. What are you testing? 3. Record what happens when you test the product on these target users? 4. Think about what to change based on what you learn from your recording? 5. Test again and repeat until satisfied with the result or have enough data to make an informed decision about the product change(s) needed(?) 6. Document any changes made and results of usability tests both good and bad

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