Wireframe Tool

to promote your work with interactive prototypes

Create a more visually appealing website and mobile app prototype using this online interactive prototyping tool without having any coding or design experience.

Wireframe Tool

Design Layouts with Quick Prototypes

Create quick prototypes, designers can quickly identify issues with their designs and get feedback from stakeholders and users to help inform their decisions. Helps designers refine their designs and make sure they are meeting the needs of their users.

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design management

Design Management

Work like a pro with expert-created ready-made templates that are simple to use and apply.

image library

Image Library

Integrate the best widgets and dynamic elements to take your prototypes to the next level and meet future demands.

project management

Project Management

Create real-life prototypes or models using easy-to-use designs and effects.

real-time updates

Real-Time Updates

Use an easy-to-use workflow system, you can create, discuss, and repeat your UI design prototypes.

ui prototyping

UI Prototyping

Create prototypes in minutes using drag-and-drop templates, UI components, icons, and more.

ux prototyping

UX Prototyping

Confirms design decisions with developers, project managers, and, most importantly, users.

What is Wireframe Tool?

A wireframe tool is a piece of software that allows you to create a graphical representation of the layout of a web page or application. Before building an interface, wireframe software allows you to see how it will look and function. It also serves as a foundation for developers to build on, ensuring that users' experiences are consistent across platforms.

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