UI Prototyping

impress your audience with interactive prototypes

Design and prototype your website & mobile app more visually. It's an online interactive prototyping tool that lets you develop high-fidelity prototypes of your app without needing any coding or design skills.

UI Prototyping

Design on the go with Quick Prototypes

Create highly interactive prototypes for mobile apps quickly on any device. MockFrame lets you create prototypes in a fraction of time, with less effort and code.

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readymade templates

Readymade Templates

Make the best use of Ready-Made templates to create simple to sophisticated prototypes. Pick from the hundreds of templates that are easy to use, customizable, and are responsive, so you can make them fit your needs and test your prototypes on different devices.

dynamic widgets

Dynamic Widgets

Integrate the best widgets and dynamic elements to level up your prototypes to meet futuristic demands. Choose from a range of diagrams, navigation menus, charts, blueprints, and more to create designs that look and feel real. Live previews let you see how your changes affect the overall layout.

interactive effects

Interactive Effects

Make real-life prototypes or models leveraging simple-to-use designs and effects. Work like a PRO with no coding knowledge to deliver prototypes with an excellent user interface. It's the perfect way to show off your work and impress clients and stakeholders.



Craft, discuss, and repeat your UI design prototypes with an easy-to-use workflow system. Keep hold of numerous UI iterations in one place without missing any notes.

What is UI Prototyping?

UI Prototyping is the process of creating a simulated or interactive version of a user interface to test it with potential users or to get feedback from designers and developers. This can help to ensure that the final product is as user-friendly as possible. The purpose of prototyping is to explore and evaluate design alternatives early in the design process when changes are still relatively easy and inexpensive to make.

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