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Bring New Ideas to Life With Ease

  • Visualize ideas with sketch control & UI components.

  • Utilize easy drag & drop functionality.

  • Create a superb user interface and experience.

  • Boost productivity with pre-made templates.

best wireframe tool

UI Prototyping

Craft impeccable designs and develop high interactive prototypes for delivering perfect end solutions.

ui prototyping
readymade templates

Readymade Templates

Work like Pros with easy-to-use and simple-to-apply ready-made templates created by experts. Explore industry-specific templates to craft outstanding prototypes.

dynamic widgets

Dynamic Widgets

Leverage the range of pre-built dynamic elements and widgets including charts, diagrams, navigation menu, and others, to create a highly interactive prototype.

interactive effects

Interactive Effects

Bring your product/app prototype to life with highly interactive designs and effects. With no coding knowledge, let alone launch your perfect prototype.



Create, brainstorm, and repeat your UI designs with a simple-to-use revision workflow system. Keep track of your various UI iterations without missing out on any details.

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UX Prototyping

Design exclusive models for your products leveraging the advanced features of UX Prototyping. Easy to create, update and test prototypes with better user experience.

ux prototyping
building blocks

Building Blocks

Drag and Drop building blocks for faster prototyping. With pre-defined building blocks, create excellent user experience prototypes that offer a real touch of a product or app.

web-based editor

Web-Based Editor

Leverage the advanced features of Web-Based Editor without the need to download any special software. Make your own rules and create custom guides for any prototype development.



Leverage powerful widgets, working forms, sortable grids, and dynamic interfaces for realistic UX prototypes. Loaded with multiple styles, the dynamic content feature helps in creating real solutions.

dynamic content

Dynamic Content

Preview your project whether on the web, mobile or offline. Easy to switch screens or dimensions and preview anytime or anywhere. Check final user experience prototype for best delivery.

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Design UI UX

Manage all the design processes leveraging the best design management practices. Handle all advanced tools and add-ons to create user-friendly prototypes.

design ui ux
design spaces

Design Spaces

Starting from product ideation, drawing UX and UI design, from strategy to reviewing the creatives, organizing everything under Design Spaces.

centralized product assets

Centralized Product Assets

Connect and collaborate on any product design property including image, video, slides, audio, presentation, and more. Gather your scattered design blocks to pipeline the creativity.

embed design services

Embed Design Services

Easy to link design ideas or develop projects on various platforms to keep everything under your eye.

exclusive palette

Exclusive Palette

Enriched with a limited edition Palette, this Design Management feature provides colors and designs to avoid clutter and saves time.

Find out more about Design UI UX

Image Library

Make the best use of the in-built Image library for quick creatives. Get ideas to design and develop or leverage the best images for fast work without wasting time.

image library
wireframes for any device

Wireframes for Any Device

Create simple wireframes for any screen picking up from the massive Image Library. Design faster and better prototypes for web or mobile for any screen size.

drag & drop

Drag & Drop

Design prototypes for any industry with a simple drag and drop option. Create wireframes without any hassles leveraging the best of Image Libray Drag & Drop features.



Connect from any device or platform and easily access Image Library anytime and anywhere as it is cloud-based.

reusable components

Reusable Components

Stock UI elements that sync seamlessly across all the wireframes within the project. Update your designs without reformating and iterate without any hassles.

Find out more about Image Library

Project Management

Manage end-to-end processes of various projects cutting down on delays. The Project Management feature helps manage from small to big and simple to complex projects easily.

project management


Access and manage all your prototype projects from one central point. With the Dashboard feature, have an eagle's eye view of all your project processes at one place.



Track the progress of your projects from starting point of ideation to the delivery state. Streamline and resolve bottlenecks in projects with this real-time Tracker functionality of Project Management.



Get reports of all your projects to analyze and strategize for future product prototype projects.

design system

Design System

Define and scale team libraries and notes to share among team members. Easy to access various libraries and work more efficiently.

Find out more about Project Management

Real-Time Updates

Check the overall progress of your prototype development with real-time updates. With real-time functionality connect, chat and provide feedback to streamline processes.

real-time updates


Collaborate, comment, share, discuss, or give feedback in real-time for a quick update and process of your product prototype development.

comments that navigate

Comments that Navigate

Provide feedback for having discussions on any prototype UI area. Discuss with the entire team face-to-face in real-time and arrange remote UI presentations for quick, real-time communication.

sync-in workflow

Sync-in Workflow

Allows instant collaboration in real-time for commenting ushering the immediate feedback. Helps to stay connected, consistent, and up to date on all your wireframe projects.



Cut down communication between UI designers and UX developers with quick Engagement. Enables your developers to engage in design and inspect the prototype.

Find out more about Real-Time Updates

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Amazing tips and how-to guides to help businesses succeed like the Fortune 500.


5 Common Mistakes to Avoid in Making a Mockup Designs

A mockup design allows you to apply many layouts while also providing a clear picture of the information you've provided.

How Prototyping Software Accelerates Product Development?

Prototyping software is especially beneficial in the creation of systems with a high level of user engagement by providing the precise appearance and feels even before the real programme is implemented.

How Wireframe Creator Empowers Your Digital Product Creativity?

A wireframe is a deliverable that helps you communicate your ideas for web or mobile apps to your clients, stakeholders, and developers.

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What Are Low Fidelity Wireframes?

Have you ventured into the exciting world of UX design? If you have, then you must have heard about wireframes. Wireframing is an essential aspect of a product design process to keep it simple. However, there must be some of you who are not too sure about wireframes.

What Is a Wireframe App?

Wireframes create a detailed outline of the structure of a page; it gives information on the layout and the expected flow. Initially, software meant for Computer-Aided Designs (CAD) used wireframes to show the design of an object without infusing too much detail; for this reason, a wireframe for a website can be likened to the architectural blueprint of a building project.

How To Use A Wireframe App?

The process of creating a website or mobile application is not easy and requires a lot of hard work and dedication.

How To Use Low Fidelity Wireframes?

It's risky to design something without having a blueprint before finalizing the product. In this case, low-fidelity wireframes should help you.

What Are High Fidelity Wireframes?

A high-fidelity wireframe is an extremely detailed diagram that communicates your discovery with perfect clarity.

What Is UX Prototyping?

UX stands for user experience, and every business owner should learn if they want their company to experience success in the digital world.

Guide to Getting the Most Out of MockFrame

Design is quite encompassing. You do not just wake up one day and start sketching a design. There are a series of processes involved.

How to Turn Your Wireframes into Live Prototypes?

MockFrame effectively converts wireframe designs into live prototypes by utilising machine learning.

How to Make the most of Usability Testing?

Usability testing is essential because it helps you to comprehend how users engage with your product.

What is UI Prototyping?

Prototyping is all about creating a platform you use as a test before eventually releasing it to the public.

What is Design Management?

A problem-solving approach or process is referred to as design management.

How to Create Wireframes for any Device?

Whether you're designing a mobile/PC app or a website, wireframes should act as a bridge between sketches and prototypes.

How to Expand on Your Ideas using Brainstorming?

The purpose of brainstorming is to come up with new ideas while also assessing what you already have.

How detailed should Wireframes be?

Provides a thorough understanding of how to design a wireframe as well as the components that make up a wireframe.

What is Wireframe Testing?

Testing wireframes can aid in determining the most efficient structure and outline for a page.

How To Create Flowchart Online?

Business owners create flowcharts to manage their business effectively by visualizing complex procedures to make things easier.

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