Creating wireframes is one of the most important and recurrent activities in UI/UX Designing. A wireframe makes design work easier and helps the designer give the client or user the best experience. The wireframe is a sketch of the idea for an app, a website, or a landing page.

A wireframe designer can create a wireframe to show the user interface of the website you are building. In the wireframe, you will display the elements, features and functions, and other components that show how you intend to help your stakeholder achieve their goal. These wireframes are created all without adding color and graphics since it functions more as a mere outline.

When you create a wireframe, you can focus on essential features and incorporate feedback, thereby helping you give out the best.

Creating a wireframe with a pen and paper used to be the practice, but is now considered outdated and ineffective. This is because there are several wireframe apps that design much better wireframes with lesser effort and time. This piece analyzes the top wireframe tools on the market and brings to light their standout qualities and costs. Creating a wireframe with a pen and paper

List of Wireframe Apps

1. MockFrame

MockFrame is a user-friendly wireframing tool for designers to create prototype wireframes, collaborate, and manage their projects.

MockFrame Wireframe Apps

  • Ready-to-use templates to use to design wireframes.
  • Collaborating tools that allow remote access.
  • Ideate mockups linked to different screens to show the designer’s idea in action.
  • It is also an all-in-one wireframe tool that possesses tools necessary for every step of the design process.
  • Moreover, advanced features like responsive designs allow designers to have a more animated wireframing experience.
  • Free: 10 users, access to more than 37 apps, complimentary onboarding, multiple integrations, 6 data centres, and 12 languages.
  • Cloud: $14.99 per month. No feature caps.
  • Hosted: Your server, more than 100 users, highest compliance.

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2. Adobe XD

Adobe XD is a vector-based system that allows you to create prototypes, wireframes, and transitions and collaborate with other Adobe products like Adobe stock, Adobe fonts, Photoshop, and illustrator. If you need a wireframing tool that allows you to work with teams remotely, Adobe XD is a good option. Adobe XD has a friendly user interface, and it has a community to share your ideas and challenges.

Adobe XD Wireframe Apps

  • Auto-animation, voice triggers, and repeat grid option
  • Collaborating working tools.
  • Tools to create maps, sites, storyboards, and flowcharts.
  • 2GB free storage (for the free plan)
  • It is available on Mac OS and Windows.
  • The free plan (limited)
  • $9.99 per month for the single app
  • $52.99 per month for all apps.

3. Miro

Miro is a visual collaboration wireframe software formerly known as RealtimeBoard. It is popularly known for interactive presentations, ideation sessions, and the like. But if you know your way around it, it is a good wireframing tool.

Miro Wireframe Apps

  • Unlimited canvas and templates that designers can use to create wireframes.
  • Collaboration tools
  • Freemium version (limited features but unlimited team members)
  • Team: $8 per month, complete features, templates, and projects, private board sharing,
  • Business: $16 per month, external editors.
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing, admin controls, onboarding, developer access, ad integration.

4. UXPin

UXPin is a popular tool among designers. And if you are into wireframing, start with UXPin. It has a variety of features and tools you can choose from.

UXPin Wireframe Apps

  • Integrated library with UI elements for your wireframe canvas.
  • Collaborative tools to add interactions for team presentations and the like.
  • Available on the web browser.
  • $19 per editor
  • Prototyping plan: $23 per month, essential wireframing tools.
  • System plan: $39 per month, advanced collaboration features.

5. Sketch

Sketch is one of the best wireframe tools for Mac users. It has wireframe design tools, icon vector design tools, and other attractive features. It has a beginner-friendly interface that allows new users to navigate it easily. However, the Sketch app does not have a built-in UI library but allows third-party UI kits. And it does not allow easy collaboration, though you can sync your design to the sketch cloud. It is available to Mac users only.

Sketch Wireframe Apps

  • Templates and libraries that are useful to designers.
  • It can save designs on the cloud.
  • Personal: $99 per year, access to Sketch cloud and software update for a year. If you do not renew, you can continue using the app, but you will not have access to new updates.
  • Volume: $89 per year. It has the same features as the personal license, but it must be purchased in bulk.


Wireframe is an efficient wireframing tool with a simple interface suitable for quick designs. It has an interface that makes you feel like you are writing with a pencil and paper and pasting them on the site. You can draw on black canvas and edit with the toolbar. However, the simple nature can also be a downside because it does not have interaction options, presentation tools, screen capture, and many essential tools. You also can not create more than one wireframe at once. Wireframe Apps

  • Simple interface
  • Tools for sketching wireframes.
  • Basic: Free
  • Premium: $16 per month (single user) with a seven-day free trial

7. Figma

Figma is an excellent cloud-based wireframe creator good for collaboration among team members. It is known chiefly for its prototyping and graphic designing tools. But if you know your way around it, you can use it to create an excellent wireframing design. Figma Wireframe Apps

  • Its design-centred layout makes creating wireframing easy
  • Structures that allow you to create many designs in one project.
  • Starter: Free. Allows up to two editors and three projects.
  • Premium: $12 per month (for an editor), unlimited projects. Free for students

8. Balsamiq

Balsamiq wireframe is a wireframing tool good for running user testing, creating designs, and collaborating with a design team.

Balsamiq Wireframe Apps

  • Extensive library with UI templates and elements.
  • Complex interface with diverse elements
  • Integrated presentation tools.
  • Free; 30-day trial period. You will need payment to save previous designs when the trial period ends.
  • Pro: $8, single user

9. MockPlus

Mockplus is also a designers best wiireframe tools to create interactive wireframes. It allows collaboration It is available to both Windows and macOS users.

MockPlus Wireframe Apps

  • Library with more than 3000 built-in icons, templates, and components
  • Preview features to test your UI and UX design
  • Collaboration tools
  • Basic: Free; a limited number of users and projects you can run simultaneously.
  • Pros: $16 per month. Unlimited features.

10. Cacoo

Cacoo is known more as a diagramming-centric tool because its features allow you to create wireframes, flowcharts, and similar diagram-related designs.

Cacoo Wireframe Apps

  • It has collaborating tools that allow team members to track, edit and communicate while working on a design.
  • Inbuilt templates for creating flowcharts, databases, wireframes, and similar designs
  • Free: PNG and Visio exporting, Maximum of 3 collaborators and six diagrams.
  • Basic: $5 per month (one user), allows commenting, editing, admin control, dynamic charts, and integrations.
  • Pro: $6 per month. An unlimited number of collaborators allows you to export files in your preferred format, 1000 sheets of diagrams, and 10MB of uploading.
  • Enterprise: $600 per year. Allows 10 users, security and encryption, and an on-premise solution


Conclusively, wireframing is essential to anyone belonging to the designer class, be it a freelancer or a company designer. That being said, it is non-negotiable for a modern designer to obtain an outstanding wireframing tool. Not only does it make the productivity and the work process optimal, but it also appeases the aesthetic sense of creatives and increases their confidence in their work. And with wireframe app of MockFrame’s calibre available for next to nothing, it is not surprising that designing in recent times has reached unprecedented heights.

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