What is a Wireframe Design?

It is evident that before taking any developmental step, we tend to design our strategy so that our plan of action is infallible. Whether it is an architectural project, an important painting, or a movie, the person creating it initially chalks out the components that are supposed to be a part of the work.

Similar is the case with developing a website or an app. A Wireframe design is a type of plan of action that a developer designs before beginning with the actual designing process.

Creating a design with a wireframe creator is an essential part of the early designing process. Wireframe design refers to the outline of any product, app, or website, containing all the important elements that need to be incorporated. In a Wireframe design, a blueprint is created by the designers so that the programmers can work according to the design and create the application or website with the desired result.

What is the Purpose and When to Create One?

When developers start creating a website or an app without a priorly created wireframe, it compels them to choose from more than one option, thus confusing them. It is better for developers to have a wireframe ready to create the app or the website with the requisite elements, including the logo, breadcrumbs, content, images, share buttons, etc. In addition, Wireframe designs prevent the tedious process of making adjustments again and again to your app or website.

The best time to create a wireframe for your app or website is right before writing the code or constructing the virtual design for the app/website.

There are Two Phases in the Process of the Creation of Wireframe.

The phase of idealization- In this phase, the wireframe designer comes up with multiple ideas according to which the Wireframe can be created. In this step, the developers chalk out the pros and cons of each idea.

Two Phases in the Process of the Creation of Wireframe

The phase of validation- In this phase, the idea with the least number of cons is selected by the designers. In addition, they make the required improvements to ensure there are no loopholes in the idea and then validate it for beginning with the wireframing process.

Benefits of Creating a Wireframe Design

Mentioned below are some of the benefits of creating a Wireframe design.

  1. It helps you visualize the structure- While you have a plethora of ideas in your mind, it is the creation of a wireframe that helps you create a proper structure where the best parts of all the ideas are fitted in a single structure or idea. It is like building your house from scratch, but with less risk since all aspects have been planned out first.

  2. It helps bring clarity- Wireframe drawing can help bring clarity by helping clients understand what changes would be made in their app/website, if any at all, and whether those updates would positively affect them.

  3. It makes the design process iterative- The wireframe stage of the design process is iterative. It starts with a set of plans, which are then changed and edited until they meet all requirements for completion. It allows designers and developers alike more time for feedback.

  4. It saves time and effort- Wireframes are a great way for mock designer and developers to communicate what they want from your website. These designs can save time and prevent potential frustration resulting from miscommunication during the development stage.

  5. It helps create effective websites- Your website or app needs to focus on the SEO aspects to be more effective, and a wireframe helps in doing so. A Wireframe can be used as an opportunity to make sure the information on a page is properly organized and optimized for search engines so that it shows up when someone searches for related topics.

Steps to Create Wireframe Design

Ready to Create a Wireframe Design with MockFrame?

The steps involved in the creation of a Wireframe design are mentioned below.

  1. Collection of Data- You will first need to gather all the data related to your app/website. It is essential to collate all the necessary data to effectively address the problem you are working to solve with your app/website.

  2. Identify the User Flow- Next, you have to identify the user flow that can help you turn your goals into reality. You can accordingly organize the elements on your page and limit the scope of errors while aligning all your team members to focus on a single goal.

  3. Plan Out the Features- In the next step, you need to decide upon the features that need to be added to the page with the motive of finding the perfect solution for the target audience. In this process, you can conduct the addition and removal of elements till you reach a satisfactory final structure.

  4. Design the Wireframe- Based on all the data and structure you have accumulated, you now need to create a sketch or an outline of the Wireframe. As the app/website would still be a work in progress, you would need the feedback of your client or other stakeholders to make further improvements. Your designs should be simple and include elements such as lines, circles, grayscale images, boxes, etc, to the sketch of your Wireframe to create an SEO-friendly webpage.

  5. Testing Your Wireframe- By creating a single prototype with a prototyping tool, you can assess your interface's user experience. It is essential to note their experiences regarding on-site navigation and ease of readability.

  6. Mock-Up- A mock-up is the final step to creating an app/website and is a finalized version of a Wireframe design with actual images, text, and color. This version is brought into the market for testing its efficiency and results.

Summing it Up

Using Wireframes during the Design

The web is a visual medium wherein users make decisions based on what they see. This means that your website must have a clear, easy-to-read layout with carefully planned visuals. One of the best ways to ensure this is by using Wireframes during the design process. A Wireframe design can be described as a skeletal layout of your pages that helps you plan the placement and hierarchy of content and visual elements like images and buttons to make your website more effective, efficient, and SEO friendly.

MockFrame, by 500 apps, is a wireframe tool that enables you to efficiently create an app/website by chalking out the key components of your desired interface and features.

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